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Mitch McConnell
  Senate GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  September 18, 2018 7:13pm-7:25pm EDT

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through the kangaroo court process that ignores the right of survivors. >> thank you all very much. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> good afternoon, everyone. the judiciary committee majority decided to call a hearing for monday to give the accuser the opportunity to be heard and we will handle this in a fair manner. it is still disturbing however to think about the way in which this has developed right at the end. ranking members of the judiciary committee has have notice of this for quite some time and decided to spring at the end. this is all about delaying the process. that the accuser certainly does deserve the right to be heard and we are looking forward to the hearing to see what she has to say on monday. i'm sure judge kavanaugh will be here as well.
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>> so far dr. ford's lawyers refused to respond to invitations to participate in the bipartisan process which is traditional in the nominations responding to the staff or interview or even the intimidation to testify on monday. but we certainly hope she takes advantage of this opportunity. for her to do this in the closed setting is her choice but basically we have opened open or closed setting. but again, to reiterate, we would not find ourselves in this situation is senator feinstein did not send this letter she has had since july. said nothing during the hearing and now raising it at this date.
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so we believe the process of confirming judges should be bipartisan with the democratic colleagues will join us to make sure to restore dignity and civility to the process rather than just have another repetition what we saw during his earlier hearing which is basically having the judiciary hearing by mob pool. >> as a leader has pointed out the situation is entirely of the democrats own making. we had 32 hours of testimony on the supreme court nomination to have opportunity to ask questions in an open setting there were closed meetings 1300 whitten questions responded by judge kavanaugh he met with the five united states senators over the last few months.
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never a with some of this letter until just last week. this is a process the democrats have created and now it is set to us to make sure doctor ford has her side of the story as well as judge kavanaugh we hope she takes advantage of that opportunity. in the meantime we get record economic news in addition 4.2% economic growth second quarter , very robust number we saw middle income levels reach the highest ever in 2017 the number of job openings highest level ever at 6.9 million also small business optimism reaching record highs and at an 18 year high. we will continue to allow
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those policies to be in place for the economy to grow for american workers and american families. the results are already being seen with the policy agenda. >> with the other work we are doing yesterday the senate voted 99/one to put more tools into the tool box to deal with the opioid epidemic. today they voted to find what we did yesterday plus between the march vote and with opioids alone to suspend a little over $8 billion over the next 12 months. we also voted to continue this year spending on whatever is not done by september 30. if the house passes this bill, no government shutdown prior
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to the election and in all likelihood 90% of the government will be funded still before september 30. 75% for sure and we can take those other for bills and conference to see if any or all could be passed between now and the end of the month. >> first off can you get a full picture of what happens without the judge or the therapist or others? >> doctor ford indicated she wants to talk to the committee. we will give her that opportunity on monday. there have been multiple investigations. judge kavanaugh has been through six fbi investigations through his lengthy public career.
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we want to give the accuser and opportunity to be heard. she will be given her opportunity on monday. the committee will make decisions on the makeup of the hearing. she is asking for the opportunity to be heard and she will be given that opportunity on monday. she can do it privately if she prefers or publicly. but monday is the opportunity. [inaudible] >> no i am not concerned. meeting with the committee to agree on a process that is fair to the woman who is
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accusing that everybody can agree is a fair process. they have agreed to do it the way i just outlined. that is a sample -- that is an ample opportunity. and judge kavanaugh has been anxious for days to discuss the matter. [inaudible] [inaudible conversations]
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>> it is so important for us to continue to be a beacon to the world in a manner that they stooped to on civil discourse to pettiness. we have to remember. >> i deeply concerned on many levels, policy, not only to long-term relationships across the world.
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we can only do that on a daily basis with those long-term allies to question the support of the united states. that we can go alone. we have extraordinary power in and of ourselves but we need partners around the globe